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CYFAM 2021 National Conference: Nov. 13-14

CYFAM's annual conference is happening soon! Save the date November 13-14! It will be completely virtual, so stay tuned!⁣

Our theme for the conference is…⁣


This conference is a great opportunity to get to know ourselves and how we connect to our community!⁣

To kick off our countdown to the CYFAM Conference, we would like to showcase the people who put it all together! Our first Conference Spotlight is our leadership! Meet our CYFAM Conference Coordinators: Philippe Labrias (he/him/his) and Irina Adao (she/her/hers)! Their hard-work and leadership help keep the overall vision of the conference in check. For more information on our Conference Coordinators and our other Conference Committees, please check out our website:! Also check out this link for more general CYFAM information!⁣

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