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  • Hands: Solidarity, a reference to uniting as a group/community being connected by heritage

  • Rod of Asclepius & Filipinx-American Flag Symbols: A nod to medicine & our roots

  • Kayumanggi: Brown, the complexion of our people


  • Kalabaw: Water buffalo, the national animal of the Philippines

  • Filipinx Festival Life Motif: Patterns and designs tracing back to Filipinx indigenous culture 

Our Talented Artist

Neeku Salehi

Ms. Salehi is an undergraduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) double majoring in Design Media Arts and Fine Arts with a minor in Cognitive Science. She is passionate about creating artworks that deepen understanding between individuals. She focuses her work primarily in interactive media (game design & VR), animation (2D & 3D), and graphic design. She has created design work for national organizations and nonprofits, including Medicine & Engineering Honor Society, Aristotle’s Mentorship, Socrates' Circle, and Association of Philippine Physicians in America. Additionally, she is a part of the art division for the Bruin Review at UCLA, creating artwork to promote positive discourse on campus.

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